Miss Black Beauty Africa & Black Beauty Africa Awards Press Re-Launch

We at the organisation of Miss Black Beauty Africa & Black Beauty Africa Awards are very delighted to inform the public that the Miss Black Beauty Africa & Black Beauty Africa Awards press re-launch will take place on the 24th of October 2018 in the beautiful city of Accra, Ghana!

We are completely smitten with the revamp progress we’ve made so far. Our revamp progress has brought about a voluminous increase of an extra 3,500 Us Dollars in our Star prize.  Oh YES!

African young ladies, imagine walking home with 5000 US Dollars. What does it mean to you and how can it empower you???

Be on your marks for the most anticipated pageant audition. We can’t wait to share all with you at our press re-launch!

Are you invited?  YES!  But get your African prints ready, to come slay phenomenally outstanding in the ‘YES!  BLACK & PROUD way!!!’

Meanwhile, the Black Beauty Africa Awards nominations open soon, and date would be out on the press re- launch day.  Africa, are you warming up to nominate your Heroes & Sheroes?!!!

For more details/ information, look us up on our social media platforms.


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