Question 1: What should I do if I am having trouble submitting my application?

Answer – If you didn’t receive a confirmation page stating that  your application has been successfully submitted or having technical issues when filling out the application, then please submit application info and pictures to info@missblackbeautyafrica.Com

Question 2 : What happens after I apply?

Answer – Once you have applied, the organization will process and review your application accordingly, and then prompt you for audition.

Question 3 : When will I know if I have been selected?

Answer – Miss Black Beauty Africa Organization will Email you a congratulatory message.

Question 4: Is there an application fee?

Answer – YES, Application submission fees costs 100 Ghana cedes,  #10, 000 or 30 dollars.

Question 5: How many women will compete?

Answer – Typically, Miss  Black Beauty Africa will select 54 semi- final contestants from the audition to represent the 54 independent African countries, but only 10 will make it to the coronation night (finals)

Question 6: Can Contestants be married?  

Answer – No,  Contestants must not be married or currently pregnant.

Question 7 : Which country will be hosting the Miss Black Beauty Africa 2019 pageant?  

Answer – Ghana

Question 8 : Is the Miss Black Beauty Africa pageant for Dark Skinned ladies alone?  

Answer – No,  every African lady is eligible to contest.

Question 9: Must i represent my country of origin or Do I have to be born in the country of origin I want to represent?

Answer – No.  For Season 1, Contestants will randomly pick a country they will represent in the Miss Black Beauty Africa Season 1, which will automatically make them a Delegate for that country.

.Question 10: Are there age requirements?

Answer – Yes. Miss Black Beauty Africa contestants must be at least 18 years of age and under 26  years of age or 26 years of age by the date of the finale event.

Question 11: Can a delegate compete more than once?

Answer – Yes. Contestants may compete more than once, as long as the delegate has never been a Miss Black Beauty Africa titleholder.

Question 12: Will hair,  outfits, and make-up be provided?

Answer – Yes. Hair, outfits, and makeup will be provided at no cost, however, for tasks or cultural display, contestant’s will provide their own costumes.

Question 13: What are the competition rounds?

Answer – There are a total of 6 Major competition rounds.

They are as follows: (1) Introduction,  (2) Inter-cultural display, (3) Talent display (4)Evening Wear, fashion show & Theme Speech  (5) Games & sports competition &  (6)  Top 5 Finale personality interviews & Questionnaires, then coronation!

Ps:  There will be other in-house activities & sub contests before the Coronation night, all information will be in the contestant’s kit.

Question 14: Do contestants have to pay for their own airfare and participation expenses?

Answer – Yes, contestants are responsible for their own airfare or bus fare expenses to audition & camping,  also contestants are advised to find sponsorship so they don’t have to pay for their expenses.

Question 15: How do I find sponsors?

Answer – You can find sponsors with the help of your family & friends, relatives, neighborhours &  colleagues,  Also don’t underestimate the possibility of getting smaller contributions or even gathering quite a large portion of sponsorship from “collections” made from a fundraising dinner with friends, at school,  a parent’s workplace, a club or group you belong in, at work,  or simply by even starting  up a www.gofundme.com page and post it on all your social media pages such as instagram, Snapchat,  Facebook, whatsapp, twitter & what have you,  for financial contribution support.

Also to make it easier for you, once you have been Selected for the competition,  we will hand you a sponsorship proposal letter which will serve as a guide to submit to either individuals or small businesses that you intend to approach. They may be familiar with you or your famiy and have relied on you as a customer over the years,  now you can ask them for their help in return too. For instance,  they could be a photographer, beauty salon for hair, nail & cosmetics , boutiques for rental of gowns & accessories , health club, jeweler, restaurants, airfare from a travel & tours company etc but first,  before approaching them for sponsorship,  know well enough what you can offer them or their brand  in return after the pageant for sponsoring you, for instance, it could be commercials for their restaurants, Salons,  boutiques, travel & tours company,  auto dealers,  health clubs,  etc.

Question 16: How are applicants selected?

Answer – Applicants are selected by their application, physical auditioning,  video conference, and potential phone interviews. We recommend to make sure your application is filled out correctly & honestly with as much information as possible for our consideration.

Question 17: If I am selected as an official contestant, what dates must I be available?

Answer – Contestants must be available for about four weeks.

Question 18: – What happens during the competition weeks?

Answer – During the 4 competition weeks, it will be a lot of runway training, events, workshops, sub-contests, photo shoots and everything else to prepare for the finale event.

Question 19: Are contestants expected to stay longer than the finale date?

Answer – Only HRH the Miss Black Beauty Africa Season 1 titleholder and her Royal Court (1st-runner-up (Miss Black Beauty Africa- tourism) & (second runner-up(Miss Black Beauty Africa-culture ) will be expected to stay approximately 2-3 days after the finale for thanksgiving, shoots & promotional purposes. The organization will pay for all necessary expenses, every other delegate leaves immediately after the coronation after-party.

Question 20: How many delegates are selected from each country?

Answer – There will only be 1 delegate from each country.

Question 21 – Am I still able to participate if I have tattoos and piercings?

Answer – Small tattoos and piercings are acceptable if not too excessive, as determined by the Miss Black Beauty Organization.