Because many young ladies admire and aspire to be a beauty queen, Supreme Dynamic Concepts Limited believes a beauty queen would be a good and effective advocate of worthy causes, to give life to this vision & serve as a role model dedicated to uphold the advocacy of kicking against skin bleaching, hence the first official launching and press conference of MBBA which was on the 29th of June 2017 at the British Council in Accra, Ghana.

The raison d'etre is to have MBBA candidates, the winner & her royal court actively advocate & campaign against skin bleaching, fight insecurities and depression among African Ladies,  boost their self-confidence,  promote and get involved in  African culture and tourism.

Apart from a strong emphasis on kicking against skin bleaching & loving the black skin tone, MISS BLACK BEAUTY AFRICA also aims to showcase and promote various tourist destinations & Culture. Every year, 54 contestants representing the 54 independent African countries compete for the most coveted crown in one of the most exciting, educating, entertaining, informative & spectacular television events on beauty and knowledge of MELANIN, TOURISM & CULTURE.

Our Mission

  • To encourage African women to love their black skin tone  & kick against skin bleaching.
  • To emphasize beauty deeper than the surface & boost their self-confidence.
  • To encourage the contestants to express their individuality with intelligence, talents, poise, grace, and wits.
  • To unite women from the continent of Africa to showcase their beauty from within by giving them an African platform to embrace & exhibit their culture & tourism.

In a nutshell, our mission is to bridge the gap & provide a positive space to celebrate the inner beauty and strength of the women of color through beauty pageant, fight depression, Celebrate and Exhibit our rich culture & tourism,  to celebrate and unite the African continent through this prestigious & historic African event.

Our Vision

  • We intend to become a renowned, pace - setting international beauty pageant organization not only here in Africa but also in the whole world, by building our reputation as the biggest, most relevant and genuine beauty pageant  in Africa, setting a legacy of beauty and responsibility by ensuring

that we run an organization that churns out transparent & rewarding beauty pageant competitions annually according to set standards,  & to offers a strong foundation to help fight depression, promotes self-love and acceptance of Black identity while educating the negative health effects of skin bleaching so that people will choose healthy skin over skin bleaching.

  • To give women a voice, and a platform to express themselves and exhibit their culture & tourism with elegance and class.

Our Objectives

  • We strongly feel the need to generate awareness about the social issue of skin bleaching and to highlight the causes & effects of skin bleaching. We are trying beyond merely spreading awareness, We seek to motivate & inspire African women to be comfortable in their skin & love their natural skin tone.
  • To provide a positive space to celebrate our African supreme rich black complexion, supreme, rich cultural heritage & tourism.

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