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Black is Beautiful

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MBBA 2018

Welcome to MBBA

Welcome to MBBA

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Black Is Beautiful

Black Is Beautiful


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The Miss Black Beauty Africa Pageant is a pace-setting, International, African, informative, educative, entertaining & cultural event, channeling the beauty pageant entertainment industry as an effective tool to kick against skin bleaching, encourage African ladies to love and appreciate their black skin tone, empower the pageant hopefuls, fight depression & a platform to bridge the gap & promote the African culture and tourism.
We have developed a unique international African reality TV & online pageant show event for the most incredible women from Africa to participate in the most prestigious contest!

Because many young ladies admire and aspire to be a beauty queen, Supreme Dynamic Concepts Limited believes a beauty queen would be a good and effective advocate of worthy causes, to give life to this vision & serve as a role model dedicated to uphold the advocacy of kicking against skin bleaching, hence the first official launching and press conference of MBBA which was on the 29th of June 2017 at the British Council in Accra, Ghana.

Beauty Deeper than the surface
Long before the spotlights; long before the fancy gowns fall over the heads of contestants, comes the Cause of the beauty pageant "Beauty deeper than the surface”. We are organizing this pageant to raise awareness about skin bleaching as most bleachers are ignorant, vulnerable, facing insecurities and dancing to the society's tune of standard of beauty & struggling with depression!
We are also organizing this pageant for the culture, to use the platform to promote & Exhibit the African rich culture & tourism.
Pageant is not just about contestants strutting on the runway, it can be used to reach out to people and promote a lot of things & speak against social issues too.
Pageantry can be very rewarding for ladies and Miss Black Beauty Africa Pageant offers a strong foundation to enforce those values, although the reign of Miss Black Beauty Africa is just a year, this incredible Queen will travel throughout Africa to participate in charitable fundraisers under the auspices of the Miss Black Beauty Africa Foundation & Urban and Rural Dream Foundation, while promoting the beauty, intelligence, and charm of the African women with class and elegance. She will have a once in a life time opportunity to gain innumerable contacts, lifelong friendships, and endless support from diverse communities that will advance her status beyond imaginable outlooks.

  • Duties of the Title Holder
  • The 5 E - Factors that Lead to MBBA

The reigning titleholders dedicate their year to promote the cause of the project and often address issues concerning insecurities, depression and other societal issues through school tours, street campaigns, Beach cleanups, speaking engagements, shopping mall tours, media guesting, fairs, storytelling programs to children, fashion shows, Charity and other related activities.

The WINNER of MISS BLACK BEAUTY AFRICA will serve as the Ambassador of MISS BLACK BEAUTY AFRICA organization to promote BEAUTY DEEPER THAN THE SURFACE & advocate to kick against skin bleaching, fight insecurities among African Ladies & organize campaigns to fight Depression in Africa & worldwide, she is also the spokesperson for the Miss Black Beauty Africa Foundation & Ambassador for Urban and Rural Dream Foundation . The Miss Black Beauty Africa Foundation also works with Urban and Rural Dream foundation & will also work with the Ministry of Women and Children's Affairs, Ministry of Health, & the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture in the participating countries, various private sectors and corporations, as well as Ghana Food and Drugs Authority.

While her royal courts:
The Miss Black Beauty Africa - Tourism (1st runner-up) will become the Ambassador for Tourism & promote Tourism during her reign & while
Miss Black Beauty Africa - culture (2nd runner-up) will become the Ambassador for culture & promote Culture during her reign.

- Encourage African women to love their natural Black skin tone.
- Express their individuality with intelligence, talents, poise, grace, and wits.
- Empower African women
- Embrace & Exhibit African cultures & tourism

"In 2016 I became confident to pursue the cause I nursed since I was 13, in 2017 I successfully launched it & attempted to organize the main event but got disappointed by my ex-business partner but I was stubborn & determined to Never give up, in 2018, the pictures became clearer & the vision got sky high & then it occurred to me that 2019 is game time & Yes! 2019 is game time!
I started Miss Black Beauty Africa to kick against skin bleaching, encourage African ladies to love and appreciate their black skin tone, empower the pageant hopefuls, fight depression, bridge the gap & promote the African culture and tourism & to
show that cultural diversity and beauty can unite people in Africa through a pageant where women can confidently showcase their talents, intelligence, and beauty on an African platform."
- Zino Lexili Ogazi; Founder/Executive Producer/Producer & Director




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